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MADARATI, is an Turkish company estab-lished in journey in 2005 fashion world in, has become on the leading companies in the industry with its innovative features identity and uniquness style.

We manufacture innovative products from wedding dresses, evening dresses, engagement dresses & prom dresses in our factories. We have the most powerful designers in the fashion industry & the latest global fashion.

We provide and selling our products from door to door across Europe, Asia and the Middle East. We operate through three different continets to bring our quality designs to our international customers. We also have a growing international business delivered through localised owned through partnerships with leading marketplaces.

Madarati has top level in every field of experience with 13-years-rooted history from production to design, from packaging to shipment for Evening dresses & Engagement dresses & Wedding dresses & prom dresses in of the world. It describes the excellence intellection as “customer deserves the best” philosophy.

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